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Buy furniture online from China

Many customers want to buy furniture remotely for many reasons: small children, caring for elderly parents or just a very busy schedule. But they also want to save money and buy furniture in China, which can offer a lot more choice and better prices. The opportunity to buy everything in China remotely: to save on tickets, visas, accommodation during the trip and all this, without leaving home, while drinking wine and eating a pie.

We offer to purchase furniture remotely, including an on-site manager’s work at markets (if necessary) and the selection of goods to your taste and budget.

Procedure for remote work

  1. You send the design project or description of desired style and list of items.
  2. We make detailed quotation for positions of your project.
  3. When you make sure you are happy with the choice and prices and want to proceed, we sign the contract.
  4. Our company charges 3% of the order and works with budgets from 20000 USD.
  5. After signing the contract and paying the deposit, we prepare detailed quotation and provide all items specifications.
  6. After signing the contract manager will send you photos and videos during the items' selection.

* Production time varies from supplier to suppliers and does not depend on the how full the container is.
** For online orders, we work directly with factories and ask for the lowest prices (which when buying offline would require long and loud bargaining at markets). The factories understand how important it is to give the customer a good price from the beginning in the current circumstances. However in the case of a large order from one factory, we can request an additional discount from its management on your behalf.

Our company can arrange the most optimal delivery option. You can find out more about the delivery of goods from China by containers here.

You can also use groupage cargo for the delivery but keep in mind that you might need to wait for the container to fill.

Dear Clients!

We do not do buyouts from AliBaba and other platforms. We do not negotiate with vendors found by our clients on internet platforms.

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Questions & Answers

What should I do if I don’t have enough time with the manager in the markets for remote work?

Before going to the markets, a client and the manager compile a complete list of goods with prices and photos from suppliers. Visiting markets is needed for filming the looks, materials and placing orders.

Can I choose everything online, and then come and approve everything?

Yes, you can. Many customers that are short with time prefer to do all the searching beforehand and visit the suppliers before placing the order for materials’ selection and checking out suppliers.

How can I be sure that I will receive exactly what I wanted?

Your manager will provide photo and video of the items and you can also have a FaceTime. If necessary, you can use RAL / Pantone color palette for colour reference.

I have already made an order and paid a deposit, is it possible to make an additional order to the main one or will it be considered as a separate order?

Until the production of the main order isn’t completed, there is always the opportunity to add goods to it.