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The world of fashion knows the name Giorgio Armani as a symbol of impeccable style and Italian chic. But the world of interior design has not been left behind either. Armani/Casa is not just furniture; it's a philosophy of home, where every detail is imbued with refinement and luxury, seasoned with notes of restrained elegance.

The brand's origins trace back to 1982 when Giorgio Armani developed his first table lamp, which immediately captured the hearts of beauty connoisseurs. Since then, Armani/Casa has been tirelessly evolving, opening new horizons of comfort and style.

The brand's hallmark is the use of noble materials – natural wood, stone, leather, and fabrics of the highest quality. Armani/Casa craftsmen skillfully combine them, creating unique textures and color solutions. Special attention is paid to details: hardware made of precious metals, handcrafted finishes, elegant stitching, and patterns.

Technologies also deserve mention. Armani/Casa actively integrates innovative developments while not forgetting the traditions of Italian craftsmanship. For example, the depth adjustment system for sofas or the use of special fillings ensuring exceptional comfort.

The brand actively collaborates with talented architects and designers who bring Giorgio Armani's vision to life, creating legendary collections. One such collection is Refined Structures. It's a comprehensive solution for interior decoration, including not only furniture but also accessories, lighting, carpets, and even wallpapers. The collection is distinguished by its versatility, allowing to create a truly cohesive and harmonious home environment.

The Armani/Casa project for Salone del Mobile is also noteworthy. Every year at the Milan furniture exhibition, the brand presents unique installations, demonstrating its vision of a modern home. In 2023, the guests were amazed by the concept of "The path from the hidden garden", where the emphasis was made on noble 17th century frescoes and the classical heritage of Italy.

Besides, the brand actively collaborates with other companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, with whom the interior design of the car salon was developed. In 2004, Armani/Casa began venturing into the hotel business in partnership with the Dubai investment company EMAAR. This collaboration has led to the creation of 10 luxurious hotels and 4 resorts in world capitals, each distinguished not only by the highest quality materials but also by unique design developed by Giorgio Armani himself. Perhaps the brightest examples are the Armani Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Milan and Dubai, as well as apartments in the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa.

Armani/Casa is a true symbol of elegance, and high style in the world of interior design. From vibrant and rich colors to minimalist sophistication, Armani/Casa continues to inspire and mesmerize with its design solutions, creating a unique atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

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