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International logistics can be a complicated process, involving various regulations, customs procedures, and long distances. Navigating global logistics for over 15 years, we understand the challenges of international borders, shipping routes, and compliance.

We know how to transport goods by land, sea, or air to any city, right to your doorstep, ensuring the successful completion of all procedures and the safe delivery of your order. We handle all customs documentation and offer attractive price rates for our clients.

Transportation method

For furniture transportation, we use individual containers to protect the goods from damage: each container is staffed exclusively with your order and unpacked at the final destination only.

This method not only saves on shipping costs but also customs processing because the furniture is packed and delivered as one consolidated shipment, rather than being part of a group for multiple parties, where the risk of scratches and damages in the transportation process is quite high.

We have two main types of containers available - 20 and 40 ft, depending on the order size. The choice of container will also affect the final delivery price.

Delivery process

  1. Goods consolidation in the company’s warehouse in Foshan city: furniture, sanitary ware, building materials, lighting, etc.
  2. Loading the container at our warehouse
  3. Delivering the container to the nearest port
  4. Customs clearance in China
  5. Container shipment by sea
  6. Customs clearance in the country of destination
  7. Installation of the container on the railway platform and delivery to the station
  8. Shipment of the container to the specified address: to your home/apartment/office/warehouse


Delivery cost depends on:

  • Container type: 20 or 40 ft
  • Country and city of delivery
  • Time of the year
  • Transport type: sea, rail, or road

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the final destination.

Delivery Period
20-25 days
Delivery Period
15-20 days
Delivery Period
45-50 days
Delivery Period
30-35 days
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