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Our guarantees

We sign contracts with each client at Globus Company, covering all details related to our guarantee, terms of service, and charges.


Our company approaches each stage of your order with great responsibility and takes full accountability for its services. However, we are not responsible for errors beyond our control by third parties.

We take financial responsibility for:

  1. Inconsistency between the delivered goods and the ordered items
  2. External defects/breakages
  3. Damage to goods during container loading
  4. Shortage of goods
  5. Delays caused by our actions

However, please note that we are not responsible for:

  1. Customs agent performance in your country
  2. Delays and fines caused by your broker
  3. Damage during unloading at the final destination

Return and replacement

If a product defect is found to be our fault – either overlooked during quality inspection or incurred during container loading, we take full financial responsibility for this. In such cases, the customer is offered two solution options: we will send another piece of the selected product free of charge or compensate 100% of the item's cost.

Privacy policy

We value your privacy and will not share your data without your consent. However, we would greatly appreciate it, if you could share your experience on our YouTube channel.

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Our guarantees


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