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When it comes to importing goods from China, quality control is paramount. Ensuring that the products you receive meet all the quality standards is essential for us. In most cases, returns can be costly. And once goods leave their warehouse, Chinese manufacturers take it as a sign of your satisfaction.

At the Globus company, we prioritize meticulous quality checks before accepting your goods for further transportation. We take complete responsibility for ensuring your products meet the highest standards, to make your customer journey enjoyable and expenses worthy yet reasonable.

Key steps

Once the goods are made, our QC officers visit the factory to conduct a quality inspection. Here's how we assess each product:

  • Order accuracy: we verify that the produced items match the order in terms of form, color, shape, material, and quantity
  • Integrity: we check for any signs of damage
  • Usage traces: we look for any indications of prior usage
  • Material consistency: e.g. for sofas, we ensure the stuffing is uniformly soft without any gaps beneath the fabric
  • Seams accuracy: for upholstered furniture, we check if the seams are even and straight
  • Surface quality: we examine the surface of wooden and metallic items for possible scratches, splinters, holes, dots, and galvanization defects
  • Paint quality: we carefully check the paint quality and uniformity
  • Measurements: precise measurements are especially crucial for customized items, so we control their correspondence to the drafts
  • Ceramics: we inspect ceramics for chipping and scratches
  • Hot tubs and mini-swimming pools: we check their functionality by the practical test with water

If any kind of damage is detected, we negotiate this with manufacturers to address and resolve the problems or, if necessary, arrange for the item to be remade. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that you receive products that meet your standards and specifications.

Our experience

Over 15 years in the furniture industry, we've established our network of trusted suppliers, ensuring high product quality. We've implemented a rating system for our partners based on each order. Throughout the years of operation, instances of product replacement and defect discovery have always been resolved in favor of the customer. Entrusting the furniture ordering process in China to us spares you from dealing with such issues.

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