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Buy and import furniture from China

Buying furniture in China is a great opportunity to save money and your time, as well as to purchase exquisite furniture. Foshan is the furniture production capital of China, which has more than 5000 factories.  You can find any kind of furniture: for residence, office, hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs.

All styles of furniture, thousands of models for low price!

Million square meters of exhibition space with furniture samples and accessories for an interior, thousands of factories with dozens of thousands furniture models with lowest prices for provided quality! It is all becomes reality here in Foshan! Chinese people thanks to their hard work and persistence keep amaze the world and implementing massive world-class projects.

Customizing for all types of furniture!

Lots of suppliers in Foshan customize furniture as per your request. Liked the table 2m long but need 5m? Chinese suppliers will do anything you want. Your design-project will come to life in China!


Your reliable partner in China

GLOBUS is an international company with a vast experience working with Chinese suppliers and in shipping all over the world. For many years we’ve been specializing in furniture sourcing and truly understand how to communicate with Chinese suppliers and help you to buy the furniture for the fair price.

We’ve had hundreds of clients who have bought furniture for their houses, hotels, and restaurants. All of them together could make a huge city.

Our services

We are one of the few companies on this market proving services without getting third-party companies involved.

Great opportunity

  • More than 5000 factories
  • Furniture, lighting, sanitary ware, accessories – all in one place!
  • 5-7 days to implement any design project

Furniture sourcing tour is a great opportunity to save money, buy exquisite furniture, lighting, interior accessories all in one place — Foshan. Now it takes 5-10 days in one place instead of weeks and months of roaming around. It’s never been as simple as now!

There are more than 5000 factories here, Foshan is the furniture production capital in China. You will find any furniture for your residence, office, hotel, restaurant, bar, nightclub.

Read more about furniture sourcing tours in the Furniture Sourcing Tour section.


  • Best shipping costs, no hidden payments
  • Schedule control
  • Cooperation with the biggest shipping companies

We've accumulated experience in international logistics and can offer good prices for container shipping. We cooperate with the biggest shipping companies which allow us to give our clients flexible terms, financial guarantee, and clear dates. Agreement compliance, control timeframes, no hidden payments all that ensure reliable cooperation between clients and our company.

More about international shipping from China read in our International Shipping section.


  • Customs tariffs optimization
  • No under the table schemes
  • Provide documents for customs clearance

We do customs clearance in China and provide all the documents required to do customs clearance in your country.

More about customs clearance read in our Customs Clearance section.

What do you get?

  • No defects
  • Exactly what you've ordered
  • Successful problem solving with suppliers

Quality control of Chinese suppliers is still a current day. Our managers visit suppliers’ factories and warehouses for quality control. If there are any problems with the quality of the order, we do know how to solve it and make our clients receive the quality product.

Read more about quality control of suppliers in China in our Quality Control section.

Our Testimonials

Check more customers' reviews about furniture on our Youtube channel

My parents told me about purchasing furniture in China. When we came here, we found things we never saw in our lives. We've got a design made in CA so we customized most of the order, which extended the production time but we saved up dozens of thousands of dollars. With a baby coming it sure was worth going. Totally recommend it!


Client from Santa Monica, USA


Client from Philippines

I build executive housing complexes here in Holland. Decided to try purchasing furniture in China, the quality I did not expect, found top class furniture for the pickiest clients. Furnished 7 houses. We now cooperating for about 2,5 years!


Client from Laren, Holland


Client from Australia

I'm from Australia. We've built a new house and couldn't decide what to do with the furniture. There is plenty of furniture for a decent price here in Australia but it’s all IKEA style, and we wanted something special. I was surfing the internet and found this video on Youtube about buying furniture in China. We’ve come and bought every little thing we needed in Foshan, saved up about 10K $ on curtains alone!


Client from Sydney, Australia

Aneil & Pinal

Clients from New Zealand

I bought a house in Spain and it required serious repair and new furniture. My friend told me about buying furniture tour in China. I chose everything I wanted in 7 days, production and delivery took another 4 months but I am very happy with the quality. Thank you, Globus FS, for such a great job!


Client from Barcelona, Spain

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  • Order’s follow up
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