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Customs clearance

Delivery and customs clearance are multi-stage and complex processes. However, we know how to streamline these procedures, reduce costs, and provide the most advantageous options for our clients. With years of experience in the logistics industry, we have delivered furniture to various corners of the world and processed thousands of documents. We do everything to optimize this process to the fullest and make it easy for you.


Customs clearance consists of two stages: registration in China and at the destination country. A week before the container shipment, we finalize document details with the client's broker. The procedures may vary depending on the country and port. Customs rates and delivery costs may also change due to customs authorities in the destination country or logistics operators.


Customs clearance usually takes 1-2 days.


To estimate customs fees at the destination country, we make up a packing list. It includes a detailed specification of the furniture you selected, provided by suppliers. The customs fees depend on the type of goods (HS code) and their cost.

Container delivery process

Once the payment for the goods is fully made, the process of transportation and customs clearance begins:

  1. Customs document processing in China
  2. Container loading
  3. Payment for container shipping
  4. Transporting the container to the port
  5. Customs declaration at the Chinese port
  6. Loading the container onto the ship
  7. Sea delivery to the nearest port
  8. Port fees at the destination country (not included in delivery cost)
  9. Telex release or original Bill of Lading, depending on customs requirements in the destination country. Sent to the client after full payment for delivery to the destination port
  10. Cargo responsibility shifts to the client's broker
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Customs clearance

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