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Furniture Tour to china with globus

A furniture tour to China is a trip during which you can purchase exclusive furniture and everything you need for your home 5-10 times cheaper than in European or American showrooms in just 5-7 days.

Vast choice

More than 5,000 furniture factories and hundreds of thousands of items: furniture, sanitary ware, lighting, decor and finishing materials.

Save time and money

We will plan the tour individually for you, so your trip will be organized as efficient as possible.

Pick the best

Thousands of showrooms and factories: we will and select the best options for your project among trusted suppliers.

Trust us

We have been helping to select exclusive furniture in China for more than 10 years. Satisfied customers from more than 60 countries have already appreciated it.

Why Buy Furniture in China?

1.  More than 5000 furniture productions
Foshan city, located in the very south of China, is considered to be the furniture capital of China. Every year, thousands of connoisseurs of exclusive interiors come here in search of the best solutions.
2.  Trade and exhibition complexes
Hundreds of modern pavilions, shops and showrooms, many of which are official representatives of factories.
3.  Favorable prices
Constant competition between many manufacturers allows you to keep the best prices on the market for furniture, lighting, sanitary ware and other goods.
4.  Everything for decoration
Foshan is also the largest manufacturer of ceramics in China. In addition to furniture, Foshan is home to markets for sanitary ware and other materials for finishing residential and commercial premises.

What can you buy during the furniture tour to China

During the furniture tour to Foshan, you can buy furniture of all styles, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, interior accessories, decor and finishing materials.

furniture tour to china:
what is the process?

We get your application

The project manager books the dates of your tour, receives a deposit and draws up a personal tour plan. We help with booking tickets and hotels.


We meet you at the airport

We organize a transfer, help with checking into a hotel. Your personal project manager accompanies you throughout the whole tour.


We visit the most interesting places

We discuss the details of the order in our cozy office and show you all the most interesting places in the city: the best furniture boutiques, showrooms and factories.


We follow up on your order

After receiving the deposit, we send the order to the factory, and you return home. The manager controls the entire production process. Delivery is carried out after checking the quality and receiving the balance of the order.


What to choose?

Furniture tour

Minimum order $50000
Accompaniment by a personal manager
Personal visit to showrooms and factories
Organization of movement during the tour
Work with trusted suppliers
Documents and certificates from factories
Warranty and quality control at all stages
Customs clearance and delivery

Online purchase

Minimum order $30000
Personal manager's help online
Search for products by photo
Teamwork on the project
Work with trusted suppliers
Documents and certificates from factories
Warranty and quality control at all stages
Customs clearance and delivery
Go to the store

Independent purchase

Overpriced goods
Long search for the necessary positions
Work with unreliable suppliers
Lack of warranty obligations
Difficulties with delivery and customs clearance
Important to know

See the benefits

You save a lot by purchasing quality furniture in China.

In Europe$9,299
In China$547
In Europe$2,299
In China$251
In Europe$3,499
In China$856
In Europe$7,899
In China$1,847
In Europe$3,599
In China$1,157
In Europe$36,799
In China$2,427
In Europe$5,599
In China$601
In Europe$27,999
In China$4,164
In Europe$6,399
In China$1,796
In Europe$38,999
In China$2,238

Furniture tour in numbers

5 – 7 days

Tour duration

We plan the tour to suit your needs. Usually, this time is enough to visit all the necessary places. If this time is not enough, the tour can always be extended.


Advance payment

It is made before your arrival in Foshan after signing the contract. This amount is later deducted from the payment of goods or delivery.


Minimum order

The minimum purchase amount for goods. Usually, the order includes furniture, lighting, sanitary ware and finishing materials.

3 – 5 months

Waiting for the order

All furniture is made according to your parameters, production takes around 1 month. Then we check it for quality and ship it by container to your city. Delivery and customs clearance take about 2 months. Contact with your personal manager for the exact time.


Customer reviews.

Supreet, Megha
Supreet, Megha
Australia, Melbourne
Supreet, Megha

still have questions?

How long does the furniture tour last?

In our experience, the furniture tour usually takes 5 to 7 days. In rare cases, it may be extended, contact your personal manager for more information.

How to make a travel plan?

Can I extend the furniture tour during the visit?

If I don't have a design project?

How to get a visa to China?

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