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Deposit payment

If you have decided to work with us, upon signing the contract, it is necessary to make an initial deposit in the specified amount to initiate your project. Currently, the minimum deposit amount for an online order is $2,000, and for a furniture tour, it is $5,000. Further the deposit will be extracted from the total sum.

You may use one of these methods for the payment:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer to the company bank account

Once the initial deposit is paid, we'll provide you with a personal assistant who will help you throughout the entire purchasing journey, whether it’s going to be an on-site tour or online shopping.

When the selection process is over, we will ask that you send us a payment of 50% of the product cost for placing your order.

Order payment process

  1. Pay $2,000 to start an online selection or $5,000 to book a furniture tour upon signing the contract via bank transfer or PayPal.
  2. Provide a 50% payment of the overall cost for the selected items when placing the order at factories, either via bank transfer or directly in cash at our office or the factory.
  3. Settle a 50% balance payment for your order through our bank account after the quality checks have been finished.
  4. Transfer the cost of shipment and customs clearance in China to the company’s bank account.
  5. Pay for customs clearance and local delivery of goods in the destination country to the organizations responsible.
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