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Imagine a light fixture that looks like a frozen raindrop, filled with warm glow. Or a chandelier that resembles a cloud of fragile glass bubbles floating over a dining table. This is the world of Bocci, a Canadian brand whose creations blur the line between lighting and art.

Bocci's story began in 2005 in a quiet corner of British Columbia, where designer Omer Arbel and glassblower Randy Bishop joined forces. Their first work was the legendary 14 lamp, made of thin borosilicate glass, inside which a candle flame seems to float. This simple and poetic light fixture immediately captured the hearts of design lovers.

Since then, Bocci has grown into a team of talented designers, engineers, and glassblowers united by a passion for experimentation. Glass is the star of their work. They use cutting-edge technologies, such as vacuum forming and glassblowing, to create incredible shapes and textures.

Bocci's collections are an endless gallery of wonders: cascading cascades of 14.14 glass pendants, shimmering clouds of Murano glass 14.3, or fragile cocoons of silk threads Nest.

But it's not just about the materials. Bocci is a philosophy of light that creates mood, atmosphere, and dialogue with space. And this is perhaps the brand's main value. Bocci doesn't just sell light fixtures, they sell emotions, they make us look at light and space in a new way, and they inspire us to be bold and creative.

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