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Imagine a home where furniture is not just functional, but also inspires feelings and tells stories. A place where every piece breathes tradition and innovation and design is born from a love of wood, leather, and the sun that floods the Italian workshops of Calligaris.

In 1923, brothers Luigi and Natalino Calligaris founded a small carpentry workshop in northeastern Italy. Their tools were passion and skill, their material was the wood of local forests. Even then, the philosophy of Calligaris was born: to create furniture that not only serves but lives with people, reflecting their individuality and rhythm of life.

Over the years, the workshop has become an international brand, but the soul of the Calligaris family has remained unchanged. Wood is still a priority, but it has been joined by innovative materials: tempered glass, steel, and fabrics with technological characteristics. Calligaris's design is a balance of classic forms and bold solutions, elegance, and practicality.

Behind this harmony are talented designers, in whose hands masterpieces are born: Gino Carollo with his functional transformers, Valerio Sommella - a master of the play of light and color, Stefano Cavasana - a poet of minimalism. Each Calligaris collection is a work of art, endowed with individuality.

Calligaris collections are a hymn to diversity. Ninfea - tables with an exclusive transformation mechanism that can surprise even the most sophisticated guest. Volterra - soft furniture, enveloping with comfort and conquering with laconic forms. "Metropolis" - urban chic, embodied in glass tables and chairs with chrome elements. Every piece of Calligaris furniture is not just an interior element, but an opportunity to tell your story and create a unique space that reflects your taste and style.

Calligaris is a living company, constantly developing and keeping up with the times. Today, the brand actively collaborates with architects and interior designers, offering comprehensive solutions for decorating homes, restaurants, and offices.

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