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CVL is the story of a French family that has been carefully preserving and multiplying the traditions of brass processing for sixty years. In 1960, Henri Baron laid the foundation for what would later become his family legacy. Initially, the CVL workshop specialized in wrought iron and ceramics, but with the arrival of Eric Baron, the son of the founder, the company underwent a significant turning point. He focused on modern design and noble brass, turning CVL into a trendsetter in the field of interior lighting.

The secret of CVL's success lies in the unique combination of centuries-old traditions of handcraft and an innovative approach to design. A team of thirty-five highly skilled craftsmen work on creating lighting fixtures that can rightfully be called works of art. Their hands turn cold metal into exquisite sconces, pendant chandeliers and elegant floor lamps. Every detail - be it filigree soldering or matt polishing - is done with special care and love.

Despite their commitment to classic methods, CVL designers keep a close eye on fashion trends. For example, the Arborescence collection combines simple geometric shapes with the warmth of brass, creating lighting fixtures that are perfect for modern minimalist interiors. The Cornet line, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the dynamic rhythm of megacities, resulting in striking pendant structures that adorn the chic lobbies of hotels and the spacious halls of fashionable boutiques.

CVL lighting fixtures have become a familiar element of the interior in many prestigious projects around the world. They can be seen in luxury apartments, the lobbies of world-famous hotels Waldorf Astoria and Marriott, as well as in Cartier and Boucheron boutiques.

CVL is particularly proud of its cooperation with talented designers. For example, Émilie Cathelineau, head of the brand's design bureau, creates not only basic collections, but also works on unique projects according to individual orders. It is she who owns the authorship of a number of impressive lamps that have become the hallmark of CVL. Hervé Langlais, Pauline Deltour and Sylvain Willenz also made a significant contribution.

To become the owner of a CVL lamp is to touch the French art de vivre, the world of luxury, elegance and impeccable quality. This is not just a purchase, but an investment in a family heirloom that will delight you with its beauty for many years to come.

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