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Hailing from sunny Italy, Caspani Tino furniture embodies not just interior pieces, but an entire philosophy. It's a story that began decades ago when the master Caspani, inspired by rich experience, decided to establish his own company. His vision was to create furniture in the classical style, enriching it with contemporary elements and a keen understanding of modern trends.

The Caspani Tino workshop is located in Brianza - a region rightfully considered the capital of elite furniture production in Italy. It is here, near Milan, that for centuries the secrets of craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. This heritage, multiplied by the talent of Italian craftsmen, is the foundation of Caspani Tino's success.

The brand's concept is to offer its customers not just furniture, but an opportunity to touch the eternal. Caspani Tino interior pieces are the quintessence of luxury, elegance, and impeccable quality. Masters use only noble materials: precious wood, natural stone, and handmade fabrics. Special attention is paid to details - exquisite carving, gilding, silvering.

The brand's hallmark is its collections, each of which is a unique work of furniture art. Brunei - majestic, like palace furniture, Planetarium - an embodiment of Eastern aesthetics, Green Power - the dynamics and temperament of a modern metropolis. Special mention deserves the Siviglia armchair model - a benchmark of comfort, with incredibly soft upholstery and elegant carved armrests.

It's impossible not to mention Caspani Tino's participation in iconic design exhibitions worldwide, such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Here, the brand presents its latest creations, invariably impressing visitors with its reverent attitude towards heritage and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Caspani Tino is a story told in the language of design, filling homes with warmth, coziness, and the unique charm of Italy.

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