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Soft elegance, comfort, and refined lines – the products of Flou have become synonymous with exquisite furniture hailing from France. The brand's history began in 1978 when Rosario Messina, a passionate furniture maker, was inspired by the idea of creating genuinely comfortable beds. This is how the famous Gaudì model came to be – a bed with a metal frame distinguished by its incredible lightness and functionality.

From the very beginning, Flou has focused on uncompromising quality of materials and cutting-edge technologies. Bed frames are crafted from solid wood, mattresses are filled with natural latex and horsehair, and upholstery consists of linen, cotton, and wool. Special attention is paid to details: thoughtful ergonomics, hidden storage systems, and transforming elements. This is how the brand's concept is born – luxury hidden in the simplicity of form and functionality.

Flou's signature style combines premium quality natural materials with advanced technologies. The company prefers solid wood, suede, natural fabrics, and high-quality mattress fillings. Special attention is given to ergonomics and functionality. For example, Flou beds are often equipped with built-in storage drawers for bedding, and many models are transformable, saving precious space in modern homes.

Flou has collaborated with renowned designers. For example, Italian architect Dordoni Rodolfo shook the world with the Angle bed – a manifestation of minimalism and comfort, while Garbin Emanuela gifted the company the iconic Baia bed – a epitome of elegance and simplicity. Today, Flou's design continues to evolve under the guidance of the founder's son, Massimiliano Messina, while maintaining a commitment to classical values – timeless style, natural materials, and impeccable quality.

Each Flou collection is a small story where innovation and tradition are intertwined. The Layla bed with its draped headboard transports us to the era of romanticism. The New Bond embodies luxury and glamour with its leather and chrome elements. Noteworthy is the Madame Butterfly collection – a vivid example of furniture transformation: a sleek sofa effortlessly turns into a luxurious bed. In addition to classic beds, Flou offers a wide range of furniture for the bedroom, living room, and children's room. Among the iconic collections are Yari by Castagna Massimo with its elegant geometric shapes and the Lilia chair series by Leung Steve in the form of delicate flowers.

Flou is a whole philosophy of life. The company strives to create interior items that provide comfort and allow everyone to arrange their personal space according to their own needs and ideas of the perfect home. It's a world where comfort, healthy sleep, and exquisite surroundings take precedence. The company participates in leading furniture exhibitions worldwide, collaborates with renowned designers and architects. Owning Flou furniture means embracing the French art of living, where every detail speaks of refined taste and a pursuit of harmony.

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