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Gallotti&Radice furniture is a challenge to banality and monotony. For over 60 years, it has been creating interior objects that not only decorate the space but also set the mood and dictate the style.

This story began in 1955 when Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice combined their talents and passion for glass. They became pioneers in the use of this material in the Italian furniture industry, creating from it not fragile trinkets, but strong, sculptural elements endowed with unique aesthetics.

The secret lies in the unique glass processing technology that Gallotti&Radice has been perfecting for decades. Here, glass is not just transparent, it breathes, plays with light reflections, and transforms into color gradients, creating optical illusions and mesmerizing effects. For example, in the Filigrana collection, glass tabletops are decorated with the finest metal veins, like a spider web woven by a skilled master.

But Gallotti&Radice is not only an ode to glass. The brand also masters other materials: natural wood, noble marble, soft leather, and luxurious fabrics. Each piece of furniture goes through a rigorous selection process, becoming a work of art where functionality and aesthetics merge into a single whole.

Behind every Gallotti&Radice item is the name of a talented designer. Federica Biasi, Marco Piva, Massimo Castagna - these masters embody the brand's philosophy, where luxury does not scream, but whispers, where elegance is manifested in every detail, and comfort becomes an integral part of beauty.

Gallotti&Radice collections are stories told through shapes and textures. Audrey is an ode to refined femininity, where the rounded lines of sofas and armchairs embrace you with soft comfort. Masca is the embodiment of theatrical drama, where geometric shapes and contrasting colors create an atmosphere of intrigue and dynamism. Each collection is an invitation to a journey into a world where dreams of perfection take on real contours.

Today, Gallotti&Radice continue to conquer the world, collaborating with renowned architects and designers, participating in prestigious exhibitions, and expanding the boundaries of furniture art. But one thing remains unchanged: passion for beauty, commitment to tradition, and continuous striving for perfection.

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