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Kelly Wearstler is more than just a furniture brand, it is the quintessence of a luxurious interior, born out of a love for color, bold decisions, and tireless curiosity. The brand's founder, Kelly Wearstler, began her journey in the world of design with interior items, masterfully combining vintage finds with modern elements. Her work instantly attracted attention, and in 1995 the Kelly Wearstler brand was born, dedicated to embodying a unique vision for furniture design.

The signature style of Kelly Wearstler is a harmonious union of classics and modernity. The brand's furniture features noble materials such as wood, marble and velvet, with unexpected accents - brass, exotic animal skin and geometric prints. Kelly Wearstler craftsmen use traditional wood and upholstery techniques, while also introducing innovative technologies that ensure impeccable quality and durability of products.

The concept of the brand is to create an interior as a work of art. Each Kelly Wearstler collection is a story told in the language of textures, colors and shapes. The Hollywood Regency collection, inspired by the glamor of old Hollywood, impresses with chic velvet sofas and shining gold accents. Ebell - minimalism with its geometric patterns and laconic shapes, made of wood in rich shades. And the Elevado collection celebrates urban chic.

It is impossible not to mention the individual furniture models that have become iconic for Kelly Wearstler. The Morro armchair is the embodiment of luxury with curved legs, deep seating and velvet upholstery, and the Berlin bench is a bright accent with disco ball elements that can transform any room.

A separate area of ​​Kelly Wearstler's activity was interior items and accessories designed to complete the picture of a luxurious interior. The company collaborates with artists and craftsmen, presenting unique works of art, ceramics and decorative items in its online Gallery space.

The world of Kelly Wearstler is a design philosophy that strives to transform space into a reflection of individuality and character. Every detail of the interior created by this brand tells a story, awakens the imagination and gives a feeling of luxury born at the intersection of traditions and bold decisions.

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