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Ligne Roset is a brand that turns furniture into works of art. There is no place for boring shapes or banal solutions. Only bold experiments, exquisite materials, and impeccable style. The brand's history began in 1860 in the small French region of Bugey. At the time, it was a modest workshop of the Roset family, where father and son painstakingly created furniture from natural wood. Even then, the distinctive feature of Ligne Roset was revealed - the boldness of experimenting, and not being afraid to challenge traditions.

In 1954, the founder's grandson, Jean-Charles Roset, breathed new life into the company, making a bet on modern design and high-tech materials.

It was the materials that became the hallmark of Ligne Roset. Here, luxurious velvet and soft leather, innovative high-density foam, and eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled fibers coexist. Avant-garde technologies, such as laser cutting and 3D printing, allow the brand's designers to bring their most fantastic ideas to life.

Behind every Ligne Roset piece is the name of a talented designer: Alain Gilles, Andreas Kowalewski, as well as Patrick Norguet, with his sculptural sofas that have become famous all over the world, and Annie Hiéronimus, who gave us delicate and airy models, like Opium and Feng. The brand is especially charming due to collaborations with young talents who bring a fresh look and daring ideas.

Speaking of Ligne Roset, it is impossible not to mention their iconic collections. Togo, with its voluminous shapes and play of textures, has become the embodiment of French chic in a modern interpretation. Ploum, with its soft, cloud-like cushions, invites you to a carefree rest. And Totem, with its graphic lines and modular system, will perfectly fit into the dynamic rhythm of life of a modern person. The list of bestsellers has also been replenished with a juicy Tango sofa and the no less attractive Cocoon sofa, which gives a feeling of security and maximum relaxation.

The philosophy of Ligne Roset is simple and elegant: to create furniture that not only decorates the space but becomes its soul, a reflection of the owner's personality. This is furniture that speaks the language of feelings, generating comfort, creativity, and carefree enjoyment of life.

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