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Malerba is a family-owned business that was founded in 1946 in the northern part of Italy. Antonio Malerba was not only skilled in furniture production, but he also had a passion for innovation. Through the years, the company has grown and developed under the leadership of various members of the Malerba family who have contributed their expertise and vision.

Today, Malerba is renowned for its high-quality goods that combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary technology and design.The company's products are crafted from natural materials, such as wood, leather, and textile, which are carefully selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Every detail, from the fittings to the carved elements and color schemes, is carefully crafted. Malerba uses a unique assembly technique to ensure the durability and stability of its products, as well as offering branded suede table leg inserts to protect floors from scratches.

The Black & More collection is a signature of Malerba, inspired by the lush Italian gardens that embody nature's charm. Floral patterns carved into wood and pastel-colored finishes create a tranquil atmosphere that harmonizes with nature. The New Milano collection takes a modern approach to minimalism, with laconic furniture shapes finished in genuine leather and textiles. Both collections are ideal for creating urban chic interiors that reflect the company's rich history and innovative approach to design.

Malerba regularly attends prestigious events such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where they showcase their latest innovations. These events draw the attention of design experts, who appreciate the company's dedication to quality and creativity.

Malerba's furniture offers a great choice for those who appreciate genuine quality and timeless design. The company provides a unique opportunity to create a truly personalized interior that reflects the owner's individuality.

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