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The Canadian brand Nuevo is a story about how a love of quality materials and a bold design vision are transformed into furniture that brings true pleasure. Founded in 1990, the company initially focused on comfort and functionality, without forgetting about aesthetics. Over time, Nuevo has gone beyond simply producing furniture, becoming a trendsetter in the design of modern interiors.

From the very beginning, the company focused on innovation and design. Nuevo became one of the pioneers in the use of natural veneer, which is still the brand's hallmark today. Thanks to a special wood processing technology, the surfaces acquire a unique texture and play of light, reminiscent of the canvases of master painters.

Veneer is not the only secret of Nuevo. The company is actively introducing the most modern technologies into production. For example, laser cutting allows you to create furniture details with filigree perfection, and vacuum forming of facades opens up space for bold design solutions. The fittings deserve special attention – they are not only functional, but also aesthetically impeccable, harmoniously complementing the overall concept.

Perhaps the hallmark of Nuevo can be called the Aiden furniture collection. It is distinguished by clean lines, noble materials and thoughtful ergonomics. Aiden coffee tables are the epitome of minimalism and sophistication, and dining tables amaze with their engineering solution – a sliding table top that unfolds with a light movement of the hand.

Another example of a landmark product is the Artemis armchair. It is difficult to call it just a piece of furniture - it is a real sculptural work. The smooth curves of the back, comfortable filling and black velvet upholstery - you want to dissolve in this chair, forgetting about all your worries.

It is impossible not to mention the Interior Design Show 2020 exhibition, where Nuevo made a real splash. The company presented a conceptual furniture collection created on the principles of biophilic design. Armchairs, sofas and coffee tables resembled natural forms, and the use of natural materials and plants erased the line between the room and the environment.

Nuevo furniture is the choice of those who value beauty, comfort and безупречное quality. This is furniture that becomes an integral part of the home, reflecting its unique style and creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

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