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"Poltrona" translates from Italian as "armchair." It is from this piece of interior that the history of the Poltrona Frau furniture house began, founded by the ambitious Sardinian Renzo Frau in 1912. Hence, the second part of the company's name. As expected, it started as a modest workshop, gradually evolving over the years into a brand with a global reputation, a symbol of quality proudly labeled as "made in Italy."

Renzo Frau, a former military man, proved to be a highly entrepreneurial businessman with a keen sense of innovation. In all of his endeavors, Frau has consistently prioritized the mastery of craftsmanship. His efforts bore fruit, and soon there were queues for Poltrona Frau furniture. By 1926, the brand even became the official supplier to the Italian royal household.

Starting in 1923, the company actively engaged in furnishing hotels and cruise liners, gradually expanding the scale and grandeur of its projects. Spaces such as the halls of the Italian Parliament, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the first Apple Store in New York, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, congress halls, and churches were all adorned with Poltrona Frau furniture, setting high standards for the brand.

In 1984, the Interiors in Motion division was established, specializing in designing interiors for helicopters, yachts, premium airline cabins, and even sports cars. Clients like Maserati, Lexus, and Ferrari sought the expertise of Poltrona Frau.

Renzo Frau initially crafted the first designs and sketches himself. However, as the company expanded, it began collaborating with the best architects and designers of the time, including Claudio Silvestrin, Andrée Putman, Paola Navone, Luca Scacchetti, Enzo Mari, Piero Lissoni, Roberto Lazzeroni, and many other titans of furniture art.

The design of Poltrona Frau embodies a perfect balance between classical tradition and novelty. The brand's style doesn't get lost in commercial hustle, and even after decades, its collections do not appear outdated. Classics like the Chester, which marked the beginning of production in 1912, the 1919 armchairs, and Vanity Fair remain bestsellers. Modern models, such as the Archibald sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud and the Ozwald Boateng armchair, have captivated buyers with their vibrant colors, original forms, and technological sophistication.

Poltrona Frau furniture represents the pinnacle of quality and details, manifested in exquisite designs that transcend time. Importantly, the brand steers away from the notion of a "polished house" where each item loudly proclaims the owner's status. On the contrary, the company's philosophy revolves around creating a comfortable sanctuary - a place with a special atmosphere that wholly embodies the style of its owner.

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