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RIVA 1920
RIVA 1920

Brianza, the cradle of Italian culture and art. Here, at the foot of the Alps, masterpieces are born that will last for centuries. Among them is Riva 1920 furniture.

The history of the brand began in 1920, when the Riva family founded a workshop where interior items were created by hand, breathing the warmth of natural wood. Since then, Riva 1920 has remained true to craft traditions, but has stepped far ahead in time.

Today, Riva 1920 furniture is a symbiosis of centuries-old trees and innovative design. The brand does not chase fleeting trends, but draws inspiration from nature itself, choosing wood with a rich history. Venetian "briccole" - pillars that have served decades in the lagoon, are reborn, turning into elegant tables and consoles. Kauri, New Zealand giants that have stood for millennia, become the basis for luxurious wardrobes and beds. Each Riva 1920 product is a work of art with its own unique texture, annual ring pattern, and echoes of the past.

Riva 1920 collaborates with the most talented designers who help nature reveal its beauty. Minimalism master Carlo Colombo brings clean lines and concise forms to the brand's furniture. Philippe Starck, known for his love of experimentation, creates collections where wood is combined with metal and glass, giving rise to unexpected and effective solutions. Each Riva 1920 collection is an ode to wood. Kauri celebrates the power and durability of ancient New Zealand giants. Briccole tells the stories of the Venetian lagoon, captured in the wood texture. Cèdre du Liban takes us to the cedar forests of Lebanon, filling the air with the aroma of resin and sun.

Among the brand's cult models, it is impossible not to mention the Boss Executive table - the embodiment of monumentality and power, created from solid walnut wood. Or the delicate walnut chair Naima - the embodiment of elegance and comfort, perfectly fitting into both home and office interiors.

Riva 1920 is not just a furniture brand, it is a philosophy. The philosophy of respect for nature, for traditions, for the history contained in every wood fiber. This is furniture that ages beautifully, gaining in value every year, becoming a family relic passed down from generation to generation.

Today, Riva 1920 continues to develop, collaborating with leading architects and designers from around the world. The brand participates in prestigious exhibitions, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan, presenting the world with new collections where wood sings its eternal song, telling stories about time, nature, and human craftsmanship.

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