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Tacchini is not just a furniture brand, it is a family story that has been writing its own chapter in the annals of Italian design for over 50 years. Founded in 1967 by Antonio Tacchini in Brianza, a region in northern Italy, the company has become renowned for its ability to blend high quality, modern style, and true craftsmanship.

Thanks to its combination of quality, design, and innovation, Tacchini furniture enjoys well-deserved respect among interior designers and luxury enthusiasts worldwide. It's furniture that will serve you for many years and become a cherished family heirloom.

But Tacchini is not just about tradition. Furniture design is developed by world-renowned masters such as Achille Castiglioni, Mario Bellini, and Piero Lissoni. As a result, Tacchini furniture always offers a fresh and stylish perspective on modern interiors.

Among the brand's collections, there are many models that have become famous worldwide, such as the Julep sofa - an avant-garde style by Jonas Wagell, with deep seating and soft upholstery; the Orsola armchair - functional sculpture by Gastone Rinaldi, with adjustable backrest and ergonomic design; the Babela chair - minimalism by Achille Castiglioni, combining a metal frame and leather upholstery; as well as the Orpheus dining table - modern design by Lorenzo Bini, reflected in sleek natural lines and a marble tabletop.

An important feature of the Tacchini brand is its constant pursuit of innovation and environmental sustainability. The company actively implements new technologies and materials while adhering to principles of responsible production and sustainable consumption. This approach allows Tacchini to not only stay at the forefront of modern trends but also preserve natural resources for future generations.

Today, the Tacchini brand continues to inspire and astonish its fans worldwide with its unique collections that combine exquisite design, high quality, and environmental sustainability. In every detail of Tacchini furniture, one can feel the art and passion for creating beauty, making every home even cozier and more stylish.

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