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Furniture that tells stories. Furniture where every detail is not just an element of the interior, but a real work of art. This is the philosophy of the British brand Timothy Oulton, whose name has long become synonymous with luxury, individuality and impeccable quality.

The history of the brand began in 1976 with the antique shop of Tim Oulton's father, Major Philip. From a young age, Tim absorbed a love of beauty and detail, which later became his calling. In 1999, he opened his own workshop, where he created furniture from recycled materials, breathing new life into old things. This is how the brand's concept was born - a combination of vintage charm with modern design.

The secret of Timothy Oulton furniture is in the materials and technologies. Craftsmen use natural leather, wood, metal, textiles, not afraid to experiment with textures and aging. Each piece is carefully hand-finished, be it chasing on a copper lamp or carving on antique wood. The technologies of the past, such as patination and burning, are combined with modern processing methods, creating a unique effect.

The key designers of the brand are Tim Oulton himself and his team of talented specialists. They draw inspiration from travel, world cultures and historical epochs. The result is collections that amaze with their diversity: from brutal industrial style to sophisticated art deco.

Among the iconic collections are Reggio, inspired by the clean, streamlined forms of Danish design, and Slouchy motion, which reflects the glamorous era of air travel. It is impossible not to mention the Angeles collection - the embodiment of elegance and luxury in the spirit of Hollywood films of the 50s.

To buy Timothy Oulton furniture is to become the owner of a unique story embodied in luxurious materials and craftsmanship. This is furniture that becomes a part of your home, reflects your taste and individuality, and continues to tell stories from generation to generation.

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