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Milan, the fashion capital, is home to many stories woven from threads of luxury and craftsmanship. One of them is the story of Trussardi, a brand whose fame has crossed the boundaries of the fashion world and conquered the hearts of connoisseurs of refined interiors.

In 1911, Dante Trussardi, inspired by the British style, founded a small leather goods workshop. A century later, in 2014, the founder's granddaughter, Gaia Trussardi, continued the family business, but in a new role - the world of furniture opened its doors to the ambitious heiress.

Trussardi Casa is a lifestyle. Each item is an ode to Italian elegance, subtly intertwined with modern trends. The brand's masters skillfully work with precious wood species, the softest leather and innovative materials, creating collections that become timeless masterpieces.

Behind every piece of furniture is the painstaking work of talented designers. Among them is Carlo Colombo, whose name has become synonymous with refined simplicity. It was he who gave the world the collections Relief and Liam, which have become symbols of the brand. The relief lines of the Relief sofas and the cylindrical ornaments of the Liam bed headboard are the embodiment of the Trussardi Casa philosophy, where functionality merges with aesthetics.

But Trussardi Casa is not just about luxury and restraint. In the brand's collections, you can also find playful notes, like the Grafism coffee table, where glass tables transform into sculptural objects that fill the space with an Art Deco atmosphere. At the same time, a model like the Bangkok lamp, inspired by ancient Eastern traditions, gives you the opportunity to touch the world of harmony and peace.

Every detail of Trussardi Casa furniture is a message addressed to those who appreciate quality, individuality, and timeless beauty. It is a story about love for one's work, about craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, and about how a home can become a reflection of an elegant soul.

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