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Italian brand Versace Home is known for its bold and stylish design, which combines elements of Baroque, Pop Art, and contemporary design. Versace Home furniture is the embodiment of the dream of living in an atmosphere of luxury and impeccable taste.

The first prerequisites for the interior line appeared in the 1970s, when Gianni Versace began to create furniture for his own home. In 1992, he decided to found his own furniture brand to share his unique style with a wider audience.

The first Versace Home collection was presented in 1993 at the Milan Furniture Fair. It was immediately recognized by critics and buyers, and soon the brand became one of the most successful in the world of interior decoration.

Versace Home furniture is made from the finest materials, such as natural wood, leather, marble, and glass. Precious metals are used for finishing: gold and silver. The brand uses advanced manufacturing technologies to create furniture that is both beautiful and functional. One of them is the pressure casting technology, which allows creating complex and elegant shapes.

The design of Versace Home furniture is handled by a team of talented designers led by the brand's creative director, Donatella Versace. The team includes both in-house designers and invited specialists from around the world.

Versace Home has released many iconic furniture collections, including the bright and expressive Medusa Carezza, dedicated to the brand's famous logo; the sensual and laconic Goddess, inspired by the famous Versace clothing models; and the noble Narcissus, demonstrating all the mastery of gold and metal.

Versace Home strives to create furniture that reflects a luxurious and stylish lifestyle. The brand offers a wide variety of interior items that can create a unique atmosphere in any home.

Versace Home is the embodiment of elegance, rich heritage, and style. Its collection of home textiles and interior items continues these traditions, offering products that will become an ornament of any home and emphasize the impeccable taste of its owner.

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