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Vittoria Frigerio is not just a furniture brand; it is a story of luxury and refinement, embodying Italian craftsmanship in every detail. Since its foundation in 1973, the company has become a symbol of quality and style in the world of furniture design. Its collections represent the perfect combination of classic elegance and modern luxurious design.

The Vittoria Frigerio brand is renowned for its unique approach to furniture creation. Each piece is the result of carefully considered and cultivated design concepts, rooted in names such as Euro Sironi, Umberto Asnago, and Gianfranco Frigerio.

Vittoria Frigerio strives for perfection in the selection of materials used in its products. At the heart of their work lies the use of only the highest quality and carefully selected materials, such as premium-quality natural leather, precious wood species, marble, metals, and premium textiles.

From classic to contemporary styles, Vittoria Frigerio furniture offers a wide range of products, reflecting a variety of tastes and needs. Elegant sofas, exquisite armchairs, refined tables, and accessories - each element of the collection embodies the luxury and sophistication of Italian design. Among the public's favorites are the Capua bed with its majestic headboard and repeating vertical stripes, adding individuality and visual balance to the room; the Cipriani pouf - a perfect combination of style and functionality, and, of course, the Corsini dining table with its noble cylindrical base, upholstered in leather with decorative vertical seams and a strip of shiny brass.

Thanks to its reputation and excellence in design and quality, furniture from Vittoria Frigerio not only adorns interiors but transforms them into true works of art, designed to inspire and delight.

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