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Imagine a home where every piece of furniture is not just an interior object, but the quintessence of Italian artistry and engineering. A home where the warmth of the Mediterranean sun shines through the wood grain, and the gentle breath of the sea breeze is captured in the flowing lines of the sofas. This is the world created by Zanotta, the legendary Italian brand whose furniture has long been synonymous with impeccable design and quality.

The story of Zanotta begins in 1954 in the province of Brianza. Its founder, Aurelio Zanotta, had a rare gift for seeing poetry in the ordinary and transforming simple materials into works of art. It was under his leadership that the world saw the legendary Sacco chair - formless but incredibly comfortable, it became a symbol of freedom and unconventional thinking in the 1960s.

The brand is renowned for its use of rare wood species, hand-finished to velvety softness, metal whose intricate forms are born from the hammer's blow, and natural fabrics. A particular source of pride is the Flexform technology, which allows for the creation of sofas and chairs of incredible flexibility and comfort.

Over its seventy-year history, Zanotta has collaborated with a host of the world's most talented designers. Among them are Carlo Mollino, who gave the world the iconic Gilda chair; Achille Castiglioni, whose lights have permanently changed the look of contemporary interiors; and Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro, who created the Sacco stool - a symbol of an era.

Each Zanotta collection is a separate chapter in the history of design. Onda is an ode to comfort and limitless imagination. Genni is a hymn to lightness and functionality. Shiki is the embodiment of elegance and timeless classics.

Zanotta is a lifestyle brand, where design becomes a gateway to authentic Italian dolce vita. It is a world where every object is a work of art, created by the hands of masters who love their work. Experience it for yourself.

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