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The history of Giorgio Collection began in 1956 in northern Italy, in the heart of the furniture craft. The Masolo family started a business that has become synonymous with luxury and unsurpassed quality. Under the careful guidance of Fabio Masolo, the grandson of the founder, the company has been setting trends in the world of elite furniture for sixty years.

The brand concept is a harmonious combination of classicism and futurism. Inspired by the Art Deco era, Giorgio Collection craftsmen create furniture that boggles the imagination. Strict lines, graceful geometric shapes, bold combinations of textures and finishes - all this creates a feeling of luxury that is timeless.

Particular attention is paid to materials. Selected types of wood, natural leather, exquisite fabrics and precious metals are used for the production of furniture. Craftsmen use unique processing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. For example, the intarsia technique is an artistic wood inlay that allows you to create real paintings on furniture.

It is impossible not to mention the talented designers who collaborate with Giorgio Collection. Fabio Masolo, a representative of the founding family, personally takes part in the development of collections, and also attracts eminent masters to work.

Giorgio Collection collections are the quintessence of design art. Charisma - exquisite marble tables with a black veneer base, Moonlight - the embodiment of a modern reading of the classics, the soft lines of armchairs and sofas in this series create a feeling of sophisticated comfort, and the use of metal and velvet in the decoration gives the furniture an elegant gloss. It is also worth noting another iconic product of the brand - the Lifetime armchair, covered with velvet and decorated with quilted capitonné.

Giorgio Collection is a regular participant in prestigious exhibitions, such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Here the brand presents its new products and sets the vector for the development of the world furniture industry, for which it has been awarded numerous awards such as the Interior Innovation Award.

Giorgio Collection products become part of your story, capturing moments of joy, comfort and inspiration. This is a brand that intertwines the past, present and future, becoming the ideal companion on your journey through the world of style and elegance.

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