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Explore the realm of luxury furniture from China. Transform your interior with the best solutions from the comfort of your home.


Dive into a world of luxury furniture solutions for your home in our catalog and order online with ease.

Key steps in the ordering process

We have been handling furniture imports from China for over 15 years and follow a well-established procedure.

Project evaluation and product selection
Contract signing
Order elaboration
Production and quality check
Container shipping and customs processing
Home delivery
Project evaluation and product selection
Project evaluation and product selection
In our catalog, you'll find over 30,000 furniture and home goods items. At this stage, we select products online and estimate a preliminary budget. We also offer a collaborative selection mode: invite a designer, planner, or your loved ones to join the discussion.
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World's Finest Furniture Brands Replicas

In our catalog, you will discover exclusive designer replicas that blend style, quality, and sophistication: Baxter, B&B Italia, Molteni&C, and many more. Acquire elite furniture at affordable prices to enrich your space with luxury and comfort.

In Europe$24,470
In China$6,943
In Europe$18,000
In China$6,061
In Europe$17,930
In China$5,156
In Europe$12,028
In China$881
In Europe$19,530
In China$8,424
In Europe$15,890
In China$2,154
In Europe$14,066
In China$5,156
In Europe$25,516
In China$3,335
In Europe$13,771
In China$2,016
In Europe$36,028
In China$2,913
In Europe$22,300
In China$1,215
In Europe$24,927
In China$2,046

Personalize Your Selections

Want your furniture in a different color? Require another dimension? We offer customization options that empower you to tailor your chosen pieces – from size and color to material.

Basic parameters
KLEM By Porada
Upholstery color:Gray
Legs color:Silver
Customized option
KLEM By Porada
Upholstery color:Beige
Legs color:Brown
Additionally:4 Pillows


Your personal project assistant is just a call away! Whether you need help with furniture choices, have questions, or require end-to-end project management, we've got you covered.


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Supreet, Megha
Supreet, Megha
Australia, Melbourne
Supreet, Megha

Unlock the Benefits of Furniture Shopping with Globus

Unbeatable prices
Rigorous market analysis and supplier selection result in the best prices.
Quality assurance
We personally inspect every item, guaranteeing top-notch quality.
Financial security
We hold 100% financial responsibility in emergency cases and document it in the contract.
Exceptional customer service
Experience a seamless purchasing journey with our luxury service.

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