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Photo: depositphotos.com
Photo: depositphotos.com

Natural horsehide, as a furniture material, is a type of leather that is created from the skin of horses. This material is less commonly used than cowhide, largely because horses are not raised for their hides, and as such the material is generally considered a byproduct of the animal. Here are some characteristics and aspects of natural horsehide when used as a furniture material:

  1. Durability: Horsehide is known to be a strong and durable material. It has a tight fiber structure, which gives it high resistance to wear and tear. This makes it suitable for furniture that will see heavy use, as it can withstand the rigors of daily activities.

  2. Aesthetics: The visual appeal of horsehide can be distinctively different from cowhide. Horsehide often has a smoother finish and can have a shiny or glossy appearance, providing an elegant and sophisticated look. It tends to develop a patina over time, adding character to the furniture.

  3. Texture: Horsehide generally has a firmer and denser texture in comparison to other types of leather. It may also feel slightly coarser depending on the treatment it has undergone. This can add a unique tactile experience to furniture upholstered with horsehide.

  4. Maintenance: Like other types of leather, horsehide requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. This typically includes cleaning with a damp cloth and the use of specific conditioners to preserve its moisture and flexibility. However, it is inherently a low maintenance material when compared to fabrics or other types of natural leather.

  5. Sustainability and Ethics: The ethical and sustainability considerations of using horsehide in furniture can be a concern for some consumers. As a byproduct, using horsehide could be seen as a way to utilize the entire animal and reduce waste. However, others might take issue with using animal hides in general for ethical reasons.

  6. Availability: Given that horsehide is less commonly available than cowhide, it can be considered a more exclusive material. This may make furniture crafted from horsehide more expensive and harder to find.

  7. Variability: Because it is a natural product, each piece of horsehide can vary in color, texture, and markings. This variability can lend a unique character to each piece of furniture, ensuring that no two pieces are identical.

  8. Applications: Horsehide is often used in high-end furniture, where its unique properties and rarity can be highlighted. It may be used in everything from sofas and chairs to ottomans and decorative benches.

When purchasing furniture made from natural horsehide, it's important to verify the sources and ensure that the material has been ethically and sustainably produced. High-quality treatment and tanning processes will also impact the final product, influencing both the aesthetics and the durability of the furniture piece.

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