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Suede leather

Photo: depositphotos.com
Photo: depositphotos.com

Suede leather is a special type of material that is widely used in furniture production.

Suede is an animal skin processed using special technology. This material is obtained by finely processing the outside of natural leather to create a soft and velvety surface. It has a luxurious appearance and tactile sensations that are pleasant to the touch.

The main advantage of suede is that it is a very strong and durable material. It can withstand everyday use without losing its aesthetic and functional qualities. Suede furniture upholstery is resistant to abrasion and other damage, making it an excellent choice for furniture that receives heavy use.

In addition, suede has excellent thermal insulation properties. It retains heat during the cold season, making the furniture more comfortable to use. Suede also supports ventilation well, which allows the leather to “breathe” and prevents unpleasant odors.

Another advantage of suede is its ability to combine with a variety of styles and interior designs. It adds elegance and grace to any room. The availability of a different color spectrum also allows you to create interiors with different moods and characters.

However, it should be borne in mind that suede requires more careful care than other materials. It is more absorbent of dust and dirt, so regular cleaning and maintenance is a necessity.

Overall, suede is one of the most popular upholstery materials due to its aesthetic appeal, durability and comfort. It creates a luxurious look and goes well with different design solutions, making the furniture not only stylish, but also convenient to use.

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